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Bruce Haffner on Twitter: “@chopperguyhd Here’s a closer look at today’s microburst over Phoenix https://t.co/jkXuRvXL3k”



Breakthrough solar cell captures CO2 and sunlight, produces burnable fuel

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have engineered a potentially game-changing solar cell that cheaply and efficiently converts atmospheric carbon dioxide directly into usable hydrocarbon fuel, using only sunlight for energy…


Ford’s factory robots make coffee and give fist bumps

The robots, which were developed in collaboration with German robotics firm KUKA Roboter, are about a metre tall and equipped with sensors that stop them if they detect obstacles in their path….


Meet SwagBot: The Four-Wheeled Robot Cowboy

SwagBot is the world’s first robot cowboy, built to roam the rugged Australian terrain.

While it will be doing some cowboy work, make no mistake: SwagBot is less like John Wayne and maybe a little more like a hyper-competent herding dog. It can corral cows and pull trailers, doing the type of work seen in the early parts of Brokeback Mountain. It can go through swamps, up hills, and over rocks. It’s not the first robot to hit the farms of the Australian outback, which are vast, remote and often difficult to access.


Innovative container ship features hemispherical bow

A container ship with a hemispherical-shaped bow, which can significantly reduce wind drag…


Amazing picture inside a lava tube!!

This photographer has some pretty awesome photos of lava!!



Today, we rely on cows to turn plants into meat . We knew there had to be a better way – so we created it. From raw to ready, the Impossible Burger has the look, feel, smell, sizzle, and most important, the taste of a great burger – but made from plants….


NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Sends First In-orbit View

The JunoCam camera aboard NASA’s Juno mission is operational and sending down data after the spacecraft’s July 4 arrival at Jupiter…


A Web-reading bot made millions on the options market. It also ate this guy’s lunch.

Quicker than any human seemingly could have done it, someone—or rather something—bought $110,530 worth of cheap options on Altera, a company that makes digital circuits. Over the next several minutes and until the end of the day, as humans digested Mattioli’s takeover rumor at human speed, Altera’s stock price rose. When all was said and done, those cheap options had resulted in a $2.4 million profit.


Trainee robot office manager Betty starts two month trial as artificial intelligence enters workplace

A trainee office manager is set to begin a two month trial, but this is a new starter with a difference – because Betty is a ROBOT…


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