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Great Quotes Site!

Very cool quotes site!


A billion-dollar fitness startup that came out of nowhere could kill SoulCycle

One of the hottest fitness brands in America has just two studios.

Most clients attend its spin classes in the comfort of their own homes. They have never even met an instructor in the flesh.

Peloton is a high-tech indoor cycling company that was recently valued at about $1.25 billion after closing a $325 million financing round. Its core products are an indoor bike and a subscription-based video-streaming service…


How to Sleep? Should you drink more coffee? Should you take melatonin? Can you train yourself to need less sleep? A physician’s guide to sleep in a stressful age.

During residency, I worked hospital shifts that could last 36 hours, without sleep, often without breaks of more than a few minutes. Even writing this now, it sounds to me like I’m bragging or laying claim to some fortitude of character. I can’t think of another type of self-injury that might be similarly lauded, except maybe binge drinking. Technically the shifts were 30 hours, the mandatory limit imposed by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, but we stayed longer because people kept getting sick. Being a doctor is supposed to be about putting other people’s needs before your own. Our job was to power through.

The shifts usually felt shorter than they were, because they were so hectic. There was always a new patient in the emergency room who needed to be admitted, or a staff member on the eighth floor (which was full of late-stage terminally ill people) who needed me to fill out a death certificate. Sleep deprivation manifested as bouts of anger and despair mixed in with some euphoria, along with other sensations I’ve not had before or since. I remember once sitting with the family of a patient in critical condition, discussing an advance directive—the terms defining what the patient would want done were his heart to stop, which seemed likely to happen at any minute. Would he want to have chest compressions, electrical shocks, a breathing tube? In the middle of this, I had to look straight down at the chart in my lap, because I was laughing. This was the least funny scenario possible. I was experiencing a physical reaction unrelated to anything I knew to be happening in my mind. There is a type of seizure, called a gelastic seizure, during which the seizing person appears to be laughing—but I don’t think that was it. I think it was plain old delirium. It was mortifying, though no one seemed to notice…


The Best Apps for People Who Get Easily Distracted at Work (So, Everyone)

How can you possibly keep up with the endless barrage of news, social media, emails, meetings, big projects, and day-to-day tasks?

Everywhere you turn, there’s something grasping for your attention, but you only have so much of it to spare. There’s always time for whatever’s most important to you—but that means actually knowing what matters most, and having the clarity to say no to everything else. Not an easy feat in today’s world.

Most of us can’t rid ourselves of distractions completely. However, we can seek out tools and build habits that will help us stay focused and do the best work we can every day…


The Rise of the API-based SaaS

We’re entering a new age of enterprise cloud-based products. An age that empowers developers and creates the building blocks for the future of internet-based software. But this new breed of faceless product doesn’t come without a new set of challenges…

The Rise of the API-based SaaS

Behind the Scam: What Does It Take to Be a ‘Best-Selling Author’? $3 and 5 Minutes.

I would like to tell you about the biggest lie in book publishing. It appears in the biographies and social media profiles of almost every working “author” today. It’s the word “best seller.”…

Behind the Scam: What Does It Take to Be a ‘Best-Selling Author’? $3 and 5 Minutes.

How Incredibly Successful People THINK

Great Growth Hack: Ask visitors nicely for support!

I recently saw this at the Guardian and loved it!  They are letting you know that content is not free and then requesting KINDLY that you help support them either by becoming a supporter or contributor.  It’s a great idea to encourage your visitors in any way possible to help support you in multiple and creative ways!

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 11.17.50 AM.png

My thoughts

Might be cool to also have a useful tool that they could use to improve their interaction with their content as well as share with friends. The goal is to make it easy and worth while to share with others!

Great job @guardian!

Great Growth Hack: Use referral then set cookies to show “credit” to apply!

I recently visited Basecamp (I love their design and the company in general) and noticed they had a referral system which allows them to message you in their site about having a “credit.  Brilliant!

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 11.46.55 AM.png

My Thoughts

I love how they show # of businesses this week!

You could show the credit applied automatically if you had an ecommerce site.

You could also show the credit applied to related offerings.

Great work Basecamp!

Great Growth Hacking Idea: Show what new features & products have been added since a user last visited.

Recently I was checking out Webflow, logged in and saw this…

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 10.11.52 AM.png

I find this to be a brilliant idea because it brings to light things I may never find on their site.

My Ideas

I would most likely provide more information on new products and offerings than bug fixes, etc. but it is a really great idea.

Make a video for each new feature people could watch!

Awesome work WebFlow!

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