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Month: October 2017

Genesis Movie Premiere

This weekend my family and I went to my friends movie premiere for Genesis – Paradise Lost.

I have been following his work on the movie for over 5 years and I was hopeful that the movie would be amazing.  I was not disappointed! From the graphics and content to the music and cinematics, it was simply spectacular!

We drove 6 hours for the premiere booking a hotel for 2 nights making it another great adventure for our family.  This was the kids first movie in a real movie theater so they were so excited.  How amazing to see your first movie and that movie to be one created by someone you know AND to see the world premiere of that movie LOL!  Me, my wife and 4 kids all loved it.

I am so happy for Ralph Strean and everyone else who worked on the movie.

It is inspiring and well worth an academy award for the computer animation 🙂

I highly recommend everyone check it out when it is released across the USA on November 13th, 2017.  http://genesismovie.com/

Shifting from a mobile first to an AI-first world…


Sundar Pichai kicked off Google’s big event with a bold declaration: “We’re shifting from a mobile first to an AI-first world, rebuilding every Google product with a focus on Artificial Intelligence.”

This is exactly true!  A.I. is the future because it is more than hardware or software, it’s AWARE 🙂  It is able to learn and discover as well as invent new things that we have never thought of before.  It is able to tackle problems in ways we can not imagine because we don’t think the way A.I. thinks.

It’s why I am dedicated to a positive future where A.I. helps us become better, helps the world become a better place.

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