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This video made me laugh so hard!

You will never expect what happens with these dogs when the fence is opened. It’s rare a video makes me laugh so much 🙂

How social media works 😃😁

Posted by Trayvon Blackmon on Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Patients Experiment With Prescription Drugs To Fight Aging

Diabetes medcine pills

Dr. Alan Green’s patients travel from around the country to his tiny practice in Queens, N.Y., lured by the prospect of longer lives.

Over the past two years, more than 200 patients have flocked to see Green after learning that two drugs he prescribes could possibly stave off aging. One 95-year-old was so intent on keeping her appointment that she asked her son to drive her from Maryland after a snowstorm had closed the schools.

Green is among a small but growing number of doctors who prescribe drugs “off-label” for their possible anti-aging effects. Metformin is typically prescribed for diabetes, and rapamycin prevents organ rejection after a transplant, but doctors can prescribe drugs off-label for other purposes — in this case, for “aging.”

Rapamycin’s anti-aging effects on animals and metformin’s on people with diabetes have encouraged Green and his patients to experiment with them as anti-aging remedies, even though there’s little evidence healthy people could benefit.

“Many of [my patients] have Ph.D.s,” said Green, who is 76 and has taken the drugs for three years. “They have read the research and think it’s worth a try.”

In fact, it’s easier for patients to experiment with the drugs — either legally off-label or illegally from a foreign supplier — than it is for researchers to launch clinical trials that would demonstrate they work in humans.


My Latest Project – Jesus Wants You


Does blue light speed blindness? Here are 3 things that may help prevent damage.

I recently read an article that stated blue light could speed blindness.  We all know that technology we look at emits blue light so how serious is this?


Blue light from digital devices and the sun transforms vital molecules in the eye’s retina into cell killers, according to optical chemistry research at The University of Toledo.

According to the article, blue light can not be reflected or blocked by the eye’s cornea which then damages the retina and can result in macular degeneration.  Macular degeneration is a disease that results in the death of photoreceptor cells in the retina and eventually results in blindness.  The blue light exposure generates poisonous chemical molecules in photoreceptor cells.

“Photoreceptor cells do not regenerate in the eye. When they’re dead, they’re dead for good.” – Kasun Ratnayake, a Ph.D.


  1. Researches say that Vitamin E (alpha tocoferol) can help prevent these cells from dying but as we age the immune system is depressed and we lose the ability to fight against the attack by retinal and blue light.
  2. Protect your eyes from blue light by wearing sunglasses that can filter both UV and blue light outside.
  3. Avoid looking at your cell phones or tablets in the dark.

It’s very important that we pay attention to the positive and negative impacts technology can have on our social, physical and spiritual health.





Swimming in a chlorinated pool can turn sun cream ‘toxic’ – increasing risk of cancer, scientists warn

Deadly combination of chlorinated water and UV rays can reduce a compound in sun-block into toxic chemicals linked to infertility, immune system damage and even cancer…


The Evolution of Code Deploys at Reddit

We’re constantly deploying code at Reddit. Every engineer writes code, gets it reviewed, checks it in, and rolls it out to production regularly. This happens as often as 200 times each week and a deploy usually takes fewer than 10 minutes end-to-end.

The system that powers all of this has evolved over the years. Let’s take a look at how it’s changed (and how it hasn’t) over all that time.


Growth Idea: Make it easy to invite friends!

I recently viewed the @coinbase onboarding process and noticed a very nice “invite friends” link easily and readily viewable in the top nav.  This is a great idea and one I think a lot of sites are not doing but should!

FireShot Capture 1 - Referrals - Coinbase - https___www.coinbase.com_invite_friends.png

My Thoughts:

One additional thing would be to add video and provide ideas of how you could share with friends.  #coinbase provides the gmail, share, tweet buttons but they also need to help people with ideas of how to share.  Providing some videos of ideas or a articles/ebook would be great!  Also adding text messaging would be critical, it’s the fastest way to hear and be heard!

The Rise of the API-based SaaS

We’re entering a new age of enterprise cloud-based products. An age that empowers developers and creates the building blocks for the future of internet-based software. But this new breed of faceless product doesn’t come without a new set of challenges…

The Rise of the API-based SaaS

Behind the Scam: What Does It Take to Be a ‘Best-Selling Author’? $3 and 5 Minutes.

I would like to tell you about the biggest lie in book publishing. It appears in the biographies and social media profiles of almost every working “author” today. It’s the word “best seller.”…

Behind the Scam: What Does It Take to Be a ‘Best-Selling Author’? $3 and 5 Minutes.

How Incredibly Successful People THINK

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