Envision a place where awe-inspiring landscapes are combined with a rich culture that appreciates the positive aspects of both the Latin and European way of life. A place where gourmet dining is at a fraction of what it costs in Paris, New York or London. Include the epicenter of South American snow sports, Cerro Catedral, playing backdrop to lively surrounding communities. Add an expansive protected park that is accentuated with manicured trails meandering through bamboo forests and 300-year-old Lenga trees, giving access to manned huts situated at the base of glaciated mountains. Where crystal clear rivers are stocked with an abundance of fish…these waterways flowing into numerous turquoise-blue lakes that offer the details needed to be considered by many as some of the best views in the world. This mesmerizing beauty is intensified with giant condors – boasting ten-foot wingspans – putting on a show as they play with the changing wind currents.

Welcome to Bariloche, Argentina located in the Lakes District of Patagonia. A sprawling township of 120,000 full-time residents, this jewel nestled in the northerly region of the true “Last Frontier on Earth” is not only awe-inspiring because of its beauty, but also for what it offers to those that call it home.


10 things to do in Bariloche Patagonia

  1. Cerro Campanario viewpoint

bariloche patagonia

Looking to get an overview before starting your adventure? Then there’s no place better to take it all in than atop Cerro Campanario. Towering over the valley at 1,049 meters, the viewing platforms can be accessed by hike or chairlift. Once you’re at the top, you can enjoy a 360-degree view.


2. Refugio Frey trek

For more astonishing views, the Refugio Frey trek in the Nahuel Huapi National Park is a must. Although the route is challenging, the landscape makes it all worth it – the giant granite pinnacles, orange boulders, and crystal clear lakes are truly out-of-this-world.


3. Parrilla

bariloche patagonia

Steak is the Argentinian national dish – and Bariloche is a great place to sample Argentine steak or churrasco.There are several Argentinian barbeques, or parrilla, around town. Some of the best reviewed include Alto El Fuego and La Parrilla de Julián, which is one of the few restaurants open on a Sunday.